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Incorporating Play in Everyday Life

Kyle Morrand is the CEO of 302 Interactive, a full-service development studio crafting creative, interactive experiences and innovative technical solutions.

302 Interactive focuses on “turning everyday life into a playful experience.” Kyle's mission is to reconnect consumers with why they started doing what they are doing through gaming.

We sat down for an interview where we dove into his mission towards incorporating Play into everyday life. In the clip below he brought up a book called “Play” by Dr. Stewart Brown. Here's what he had to say:

The Importance of Play

Kyle feels play is essential to keep up energy and morale, and he said he and his team keep one another accountable when it comes to feeling “playful.”

Here are 3 things to ask yourself when coming up with ideas for Play in the workplace:

  1. Does it bring the team together or empower the individual?

  2. Is it aligned with the character of your brand?

  3. Does it foster better outcomes for your organization's objectives?

If you're not sure how to begin or what type ways to incorporate play while remaining productive, SOWEO's culture workshops are a great way to gain an understanding of the people inside your organization and what type of activities would align with the brand and the people inside.

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